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Laravel Breeze with Inertia - kanban project kick-off

Constantin Druc ยท 04 Apr, 2022

To kick-off any Laravel Breeze with InertiaJS project, I usually follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to projects directory and create a new larvel application using the laravel installer:
    laravel new kanban
  2. Move inside the project directory and require laravel breeze using composer:
    composer require laravel/breeze --dev
  3. Scaffold the breeze application using the inertia vue stack
    php artisan breeze:install vue
  4. Install npm packages and run the dev script
    npm install && npm run dev
  5. Create a mysql database, open the project in phpstorm and update the .env database connection.
  6. Open the .editorconfig and make it so the js, css, vue, blade.php extensions are indented using 2 spaces:
    indent_size = 2
  7. Enable the phpstorm editorconfig when prompted or by going to Preferences>Code style.
  8. Make sure you can run tests using phpstorm by opening the Preferences>PHP panel and select the appropiate php version and CLI interpreter. Then go to Preferences>Testing Frameworks and make sure phpstorm picks up the correct phpunit version.
  9. Open the webpack.mix.js file and disable the mix notifications:
  10. Initialize git, add remote, push to master.